Wednesday, February 15, 2012

People Do Not Think That Listening to Fantasy in D Minor by Mozart is Important in Education

There are a lot of schools that are facing severe budget problems. They have to cut the budget to make ends meet and the decisions they make are not always popular. The schools try to stet priorities when they are deciding how they spend their money and they often have to choose between basic teaching needs and extracurricular needs. There are some programs that will always be threatened by shrinking budgets. Music is one of the departments that are thought about when budget cuts are considered. It is hard for many people to understand how having a child listen to Fantasy in d Minor by Mozart will help their child learn what they need to get ahead in the world. It is unfortunate that people do not understand that a child needs a well-rounded education that includes experience in the arts. It is important for a child to develop all of the areas of the brain and schools should keep this in mind when they are working on their budget.

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