Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm a Piano Player and Was Looking for a New Source to Get Sheet Music from

I was looking for Flight of the Bumblebee for piano sheet music. It is getting tougher to find sheet music. When I was a kid we had music stores all around that sold instruments and had big racks filled with sheet music and whole books of songs for piano and every other instrument you could think of. Most of the music stores have closed or have scaled back. The only piano store in town used to carry band instruments and lots of sheet music. They even had a store in the mall. The store in the mall closed and the one in town only has a few standard song books. I didn't even see any band instruments, just pianos. Times have changed but I haven't. I still play practically every single day and I am always looking for sheet music for new projects. I might be playing in church or providing music for a play or musical production. I am glad I found this new source to get all of the piano sheet music I have been trying to find.

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